Manama Announced Capital of Arab Culture Share |

Manama-Oct 29 (BNA). Ministry of Culture announced today its programs and events to celebrate being “Manama the Arabian Cultural Capital” for 2012. Celebration will start on January 2012 for twelve months of events and cultural, artistic, and historical activities, which will present the meaning of love, variation, and cultural and knowledgeable exchange with all the cultures around the world.
Different and varied themes will exist, since every month will adopt a certain field of culture and will host cultural and expert guests. Minister of culture Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa assured that choosing Manama as the Arabian cultural capital for 2012, is the fruit of maintaining cultural and knowledgeable heritage, trying to find and harden more bonds with other cultures, and protecting our national identity. She also added “This exceptional event is not only an accomplishment for Ministry of Culture accomplishments, but it’s an accomplishment for every Bahraini who lives on this planet. This title which Manama awarded this year is an emphasis for its pioneering role in the field culture and knowledge in the region. Also, our broadly comprehensive civilisation is able to proof that Bahrain has a prime role in cultural world”. She also mentioned that award is a great opportunity to be more receptive and increase our bonds of exchange with others. The ministry is seeking thru its programs and plans to interact with all the cultures around the world depending on its deep broad heritage and its civilised background. This year will be supported by twelve pillars of culture: visual arts, architecture, designing, tradition, museums, poetry, intellect, translation work, music, environment, theatre, and patriotism. Each theme will have lots of events and activities, where Kingdom of Bahrain will present the most important thinkers and experts around the world within a group of conferences, symposiums, lectures, workshops, and cultural exhibition. In addition, a group of translated books will be given to local and international thinkers every month, and a group of activities and exhibition, which suits all segments of society. Ministry of Culture is keen on continuity of its cultural seasons and annual events like: Bahrain Visual Arts Exhibition, Spring of Culture, Bahrain International Book Fair, Tradition Festival, Bahrain Books Award, Al-banki Award for Cultural Character of The Year, Bahrain Summer, Ta2 Alshabab, and Bahrain International Music Festival during the year of culture. Furthermore, Ministry of Culture is adopting a number of constructional projects that will be founded in 2012, in parallel with announcing Manama as the Arabian cultural capital. These projects vary between museum shows and rejuvenating a group ancient houses and historical locations. These initiatives are done to build and maintain a strong infrastructure, to protect the cultural heritage and to be the base of building an Arab-world-wide shared cultural database, which is one of the main aims of founding this award in 1996. These projects are the following: opening the Bahrain National Theatre, developing Bab Al-bahrain, reviving Bahrain Hotel, Opening the Regional Centre of World Heritage, Museum of Sound, Restoring “Souq Al-qaysareya”, “alkhaleefeya” library, Al-Khamees Mosque Guest Centre, museum shows for Al-hedaya al-khaleefiya school and Riffa Fort, Bani Jamra Fabrics Factory, and Tree of Life Guest Centre. In the end, Manama was chosen as the cultural capital of the Arab world during a meeting of Arab Ministers of culture in Sana’a in 2004.