AFRICA: 77 million Africans prone to sleep disease by 2090: a study

London: Nov. 9 -- (BNA) American scientists anticipate sleep disease communicable by the tsetse fly to threaten 77 million Africans by the year 2090 as a result of climate change.The researchers concluded in astudy published Wednesday (9 Nov. 2011) by Interface Magazine which is affiliated to the Royal British Sciences Academy that the tsetse flies habitat zone (usually between latitudes 15 north and 30 south) is expanding further as a result of climate change as has been proven through computerized simulation performed in the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), in Fort Collins city, Colorado.
The disease is endemic in 36 sub-Saharan African countries. The disease afflicts mostly country people who live on farming, fishing, animal breeding and hunting who are more prone to tsetse flies bites.