Arab League rejects a letter from the Bahraini opposition

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The letter that the Bahraini opposition sent to the Secretary-General of the Arab League contains those demands: “sending a fact-finding committee to Bahrain, and including the reforming demands in Bahrain on the agenda of the League." When the Arab League refused to receive the letter, the opposition delegation protested in front of the Arab League Office in Cairo. The members of the protest carried Bahraini flags but were subjected to harassment by the Syrian dissidents who were present at the scene. Dozens of members of the Bahraini community in Egypt demonstrated in front of the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, in protest against the double standards adopted by the League in dealing with events in some Arab countries. The demonstrators raised Bahraini flags and said many slogans condemning the Arab League’s policy, accusing it of putting pressure on the government in Damascus at a time where it ignores the repression, tyranny and human rights violations made against the people of Bahrain. The following is the text of the message the Bahraini opposition: "There is no secret to Your Excellency the suffering that the Bahraini people are facing, including persecution, repression and flagrant violation that took place on February 14th, 2011 during our appeal. The people of Bahrain had expected, in light of the achievements that were made by some of the Arab people in the “Arab Spring”, that the Arab League would seek to achieve the legitimate demands of the Bahraini people (Demands for freedom, justice and democracy), but the Arab League did not take these demands into consideration and did not have a clear position despite the horrible violations that people have suffered from. (Political activists, lawyers, doctors, journalists, teachers, intellectuals, students, and workers were all subjected to the violations). We hope that the Arab League would do the following: First: The inclusion of the legitimate demands of the Bahraini people for the political reformation in the deliberations of the Arab League at its regular emergency meetings. Second: Sending a committee to investigate the events in Bahrain and the extent of violations of human rights.