BAHRAIN: Acts of sabotage committed by 600 rioters

Manama, Nov. 7 (BNA)— Public security forces yesterday re-established order following an illegal demonstration staged on the third day of Ali Hassan Al-Daihi's death, Northern Governorate Police Director announced. Around 600 rioters took to the streets in Al-Daih, committing acts of sabotage, blocking roads and hurling Molotov cocktails on security officers.
Public security forces intervened and were able to bring the situation under control, using their legal prerogatives.
Allegations made by Al-Wefaq Islamic Society claiming that police officers had removed banners and flags from Ali Hassan Al-Daihi's grave were strongly denied.
"Such allegations don't have an iota of truth. They rather seek to provoke the public opinion for the security officers, when breaking up the saboteurs, were far from the cemetery, a fact that debunks Al-Wefaq Islamic Society's allegations," the Northern Governorate Police Director asserted.