Bahrain: Mass arbitrary arrests and attacks on protesters continue

The protests in Bahrain have been ongoing on almost a nightly basis, with use of excessive force by the security forces. There are also cases of arrests, beatings and raids on people's home almost every night. At dawn of Thursday 17 Nov 2011, many houses in Manama were raided and at least 14 young men were arrested. Later on the night of 17 Nov 2011, Mahdi AlJallaw was forced by "armed civilians" to drive to the police station where he was arrested and still detained. He is a previous detainee and was recently active in exposing the case of kidnapping his sister from the university of Bahrain. Following the Friday protest organized in Daih, reports were received of mass arrests in Daih, Sanabic and other villages. According to a report, 17 men were arrested in AbuSaiba and another 9 were arrested in Sanbis. 3 young boys were arrested last night and today were found after they were dumped by security forces on the streets. One of them needs several stitches to the head and another had severe marks of beatings on his body. Riot police throwing a metal rod at protesters: Video Zahra Haidar was hit with a metal rod in the face: photo at the hospital The way riot police handle women: yfrog.com/g0w8n3j, twitter.com/?photo_id=1#!/abdull.. A woman and her children were forced to flee their car when security forces shot teargas into it, and the car was taken by the riot police. When it was returned the woman said her money had been stolen. A part of the protest yesterday: yfrog.com/3xmbzz 17 year old Ashwaq Almagabi who was taken from the hospital to prison and suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia, has now been taken back to the hospital. See this detailed report about her case 14 year old Ali Jaffar Abdul Hussain who is now in Sitra Hospital was arrested by the security forces and subjected to torture and sexual molestation. He was then taken to the central police station where the officer Turki AlMajed slapped him on the ears, tortured him and cursed him, making him "confess" that he stole a camera. The child "confessed" after he was threatened by AlMajid that he would be raped and killed if he says anything different at the public prosecution. His family was then contacted to get him and were threatened to not post any pictures of torture marks on the internet. Ali was taken to the military hospital where he was mocked by members of the army and cursed at. On Monday 14 Nov, a girls bus school was taken directly to the police station with all the 40 girls, because some of the girls were chanting "dawn with hamad" inside the bus while driving home after school. The girls were detained for few hours while their parent were standing outside the police station, and they were released after their parent signed a pledge to bring the girls back to the police station if summoned at any time.