Bahraini activists hold 'volcano of anger' protest

Al-Alam, Iran
Presenter, Male 1
The Bahraini capital Manama and other regions witnessed protests this morning that blocked main roads. Members of the regime confronted the protests with live bullets. These demonstrations came as part of the "Volcano of Anger" mobilization that started last week in protest of the continued arrest of women.

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There are a number of traffic jams in various areas of Bahrain, especially around the capital Manama and on the most important roads and arteries of the city. This is part of a new mobilization organized by the youth of February 14 Revolution called "Volcano of Anger" in protest of the regime's practices, particularly pertaining to the continued arrest of women.

Guest, Male 3, (Karim Mahrous, Bahraini Political Activist)
There is a large number of participants in various areas of Bahrain. Numerous streets and vital roads leading to Manama were blocked. Some streets in Manama including the streets leading to the Bahraini Airport were also shut down. All these are attempts and technical approaches to exert pressure on the Bahraini authorities.

Reporter, Male 2
The mobilization aims at shutting down the main roads in the capital Manama and a number of regions to protest the continued arrest of women. The most important streets and vital roads blocked by the mobilization include Sheikh Jabir as-Sabah Street, February 14 Street, the road leading to the Bahraini International Airport, and a number of other streets in the villages of Tubli, Akar, Dumistan, Sitra, Sar, Shadd Hafz, and Na'eem. The Bahraini regime's forces backed by mercenaries opened fire with live bullets to end the protests. The mobilization has been ongoing since last week amid demonstrations and protests in various parts of Bahrain demanding the toppling of the regime and the establishment of a political system that meets the people's aspirations for democracy, power-sharing, and respect for freedoms. Bahraini security forces backed by Saudi occupation troops confronted these protests by force in an attempt to silence the revolution which began nearly ten months ago.