The Bahraini revolution Coalition is preparing for a “volcano of wrath” to free the female detainees

The 14th of February Bahraini Coalition welcomed the success of the dawn of freedom, and threatened the Bahraini regime with a devastating hurricane for it and its economy if it continues to arrest women.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - In a statement issued on Tuesday, the coalition expressed its readiness to implement a new movement under the name of “volcano of wrath” as a confirmation to move forward in defending the women who are residing in the regime’s prisons.
The statement said that “what happened today in the dawn of freedom operation is but the beginning and the beginning of the beginning for a rough road for the regime that resentfully acknowledged the operation’s success.” He added: “If the regime, who has already lost its legitimacy, continues to imprison females, then it has to know that upcoming reaction will be a devastating hurricane for it and its economy that is killing us every day.”
He added: “The revolutionary groups announced their full readiness to implement a new and wide operation which was named the volcano of wrath in confirmation to moving forward to defend the females of the Bahraini revolution that are unjustly residing in prison.”
In a different story, the coalition declared changing the name of Issa bin Salman that leads to Saudi Arabia to Tahrir Street (Liberation Street), and vowed to “expel the Saudi Arabian occupation forces from the country.”
In the context of the practices being done by the Bahraini authorities, Sharif Bassioni, Head of the Investigative Committee which was formed by the King of Bahrain, admitted to more than 300 documented cases of torture which has been practiced by the Bahraini regime against the protestors, and he expressed his belief that there is a systematic policy of torture in Bahrain.