Iranian Police Probing Details on Occupy Embassy Protests

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Deputy Police Chief Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Radan announced that police started investigations into the details of the Tuesday protests in which angry self-driven protesters raided and occupied the British embassy and a well-known garden in Northern Tehran.

Radan announced that police forces have arrested those who entered the embassy.
Radan added that the events which took place in the UK embassy in Tehran injured the public feelings.
A number of people gathered in front of the UK embassy and started chanting slogans, he said, adding that another group of people got excited in their feelings and entered the UK embassy by passing through Police forces.
He stressed that a number of those who entered the embassy building have been arrested while necessary measures have already been taken to arrest the other ones.
According to Radan, people who had penetrated into Qolhak Garden have also been arrested.
Earlier, police clashed with protesters outside the embassy building and dispersed them with tear gas.
A number of protesters have been wounded during the clashes while police troops are exerting power to force them out of the embassy compound.
FNA dispatches also said that a number of the police troopers have been injured in the clashes.
The protests started Tuesday afternoon after thousands of protesters who had gathered in front of the British embassy in Tehran entered the embassy compound and brought down the British flag, demanding an immediate expulsion of London's ambassador from Tehran and a full closure of the embassy.
Both embassy compounds are now safe and under tight police control.
Security sources said police troops stationed in both places will remain there but declined to give any further detail.