Iranian officials meet with Syrian opposition 14 Nov 2011 
Yemen's Saleh says ready to step down in 90 days 14 Nov 2011
South Africa invests R3 billion in United Arab Emirates 14 Nov 2011 
Syria apologises for attacks on foreign embassies - video 14 Nov 2011
UN envoy calls on Yemen’s president to speed up transfer of power, reforms 14 Nov 2011
Middle East demand lifts Dubai air show 14 Nov 2011
Assad should quit, says King Abdullah as pressure mounts on Syrian regime 14 Nov 2011
Court ruling allows ex-members of Mubarak’s party to run in Egypt’s parliamentary elections 14 Nov 2011
Syria hits back over Arab League suspension- Monday 14th November 14 Nov 2011 
Honeywell Announces New Distributor Partnership for United Arab Emirates (UAE) Defence Market 14 Nov 2011 
IRAN: EU warns it may strengthen Iran sanctions 14 Nov 2011 
Iran claims defence systems hit by another 'supervirus' 14 Nov 2011 
MIDDLE EAST: Hardline Israeli settlers attack own government 14 Nov 2011 
Iraqi FM insists Iraq was not pressured over vote on Syria’s suspension from Arab League 14 Nov 2011
Iran claims defence computer systems hit by another 'supervirus' 14 Nov