PM: Int'l community must stop Iranian nuclear program

11/13/2011 12:08

Netanyahu calls for every responsible government in the world to draw "obvious conclusions from IAEA report," at cabinet briefing on UN watchdog's release of letters, satellite images detailing Iranian threat.  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the "international community must stop Iran's race for nuclear weapons" as its success may put the whole world at risk.
Speaking at a cabinet briefing on the UN watchdog's report detailing Iran's efforts at atomic weapons development, the prime minister said that "Every responsible government in the world must draw the obvious conclusions from IAEA report."

Netanyahu called the document "comprehensive," explaining that it had confirmed  claims made by many countries, including Israel, that the Islamic Republic is seeking to develop an atomic bomb.
On Friday, the UN watchdog released letters and satellite images as part of evidence pointing to military dimensions to Iran's atomic activities, diplomats said, but Tehran's envoy dismissed it as "lousy" intelligence work.


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Herman Nackaerts, head of nuclear inspections worldwide at the International Atomic Energy Agency, made an hour-long technical presentation of the IAEA's latest report on Iran's nuclear program at a closed-door meeting for member states.
The hotly anticipated document, released last Tuesday, said Iran appeared to have worked on designing an atomic bomb and that secret research may continue. It was the most detailed IAEA report to date on the issue.