Police Clash With Bahraini Protesters

Media of Truth | Bahrain Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have fired tear gas and used armored vehicles in an attempt to disperse hundreds of anti-regime protesters marching in Manama. Witnesses say the protesters marched on the iconic Pearl Square in Manama after a funeral procession of the 70-year-old Ali al-Dayhee on Friday, AP reported. Dayhee, who was a resident of a town near the capital, was severely wounded by regime forces and died on Thursday. Protest organizers had called for a huge turnout and a massive funeral procession Friday morning following the announcement of Dayhee’s death. Bahrain has been rocked by an uprising since mid-February against the Saudi- and US-backed rule of the Al Khalifa dynasty, which has been in power in the Persian Gulf nation over the past decades. In mid-March, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates deployed military equipment and troops to Bahrain upon a request from Manama to help quash the anti-regime protests in the country. Forces loyal to Bahrain’s ruling regime have killed scores of anti-government protesters, while hundreds of others have been jailed and tortured.