Pirates free tanker off Nigeria 05 Nov 2011
Syria approaches a tipping point as Assad's brutal regime presents its version of strictly limited 'democracy' 05 Nov 2011
Violence erupts in Syria as Arab League warns of disaster if peace plan fails 05 Nov 2011
With symbols of government power in ruins, north Nigeria begins burying 67 dead in sect attack 05 Nov 2011 
Prince Charles urges conservation in South Africa 05 Nov 2011 
Nigeria pirates release oil tanker seized last week 05 Nov 2011  
Syria: tanks open fire in Homs 05 Nov 2011
Saudi king names Prince Salman to defence post 05 Nov 2011 
Tehran says reported UN evidence of Iranian work on nuclear weapons is fabrication 05 Nov 2011 17:31
UN 'finds Iran nuclear arms bid' 05 Nov 2011
Newsmaker: New Saudi defence minister Prince Salman