Terror gang caught red-handed Manama:

Nov. 13 -- (BNA) The Public Prosecution stated that it has taken over the investigation into the case of a terrorist cell and said that investigations carried out by the Ministry of Interior revealed that elements had purposefully joined into a terrorist cell and plotted to commit acts of sabotage against sensitive installations and buildings in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Five conspirators were interrogated and charged with the formation of a terror gang for the purpose of nullification of the provisions of the constitution and law, obstructing government institutions from functioning, breaching the laws and public order and jeopardizing the Kingdom of Bahrain's public security and territorial integrity.
The gang has adopted terrorism as a means to achieve their goals and joined the into the gang although they knew its unlawful purposes, intentions and tools and deliberately joined other persons who had contacts with a foreign country's intelligence in order to unleash hostile acts of terror against the Kingdom of Bahrain.
A spokesman for the Public Prosecution revealed that from confessions made by some of the accused gangsters, it was clear that AbdulRaouf Al-Shayeb and Ali Mushaimea' both of whom are residing abroad created this gang in coordination with the accused persons for the purpose of committing acts of terror inside the Kingdom of Bahrain, targeting Ministry of Interior's buildings and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's embassy in Manama as well as King Fahd Causeway which links the two countries.
To achieve their goals, the culprits liaised with militant elements in the "Revolutionary Guard" and the "Basige" in Iran in order to train elements who have joined the gang on the use of firearms and explosives in order to use them in implementing their plans.
In order to achieve the purposes of the gang, they depended on foreign financing they received from abroad.
Investigations concluded that the ringleaders have already begun implementation of their plan by sending batches of gang members to Iran in order to receive military training there. One of the gangsters travelled to Iran and met with someone called "Assad Qasseer" who had links with the "Revolutionary Guard' and the "Basige" and who had earlier received training on using weapons and explosives.
He had also received from Iranian financial funds in favor of the gang. Some of the accused gangsters had been arrested under knowledge of Qatari authorities on their way for training.
The spokesman for the Public Prosecution added that the Public Prosecution ordered incarceration of the arrestees under precautionary custody for a period of sixty days in order to investigate with them. Investigations are underway to garner and examine substantial evidences to find out the gang's contact persons inside the Kingdom and abroad.
The Public Prosecution will reveal any details as they unfold and will also announce the results of its investigations as soon as t hey have been completed.