They are targeting KSA, Bahrain and Kuwait

Gulf sources warn of active Iranian-Iraqi terrorist cells
Monday 10 October 2011

Gulf sources have warned of terrorist Iranian and Iraqi elements who are active implementing an Iranian plan with the participation of three Arab individuals whose countries have not been disclosed.
They are planning to carry out acts of sabotage and unrest in the countries of the region, notably Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait which will go in parallel with gatherings and demonstrations to be held in front of the embassies of the mentioned countries in Amman, Cairo and Tehran to draw attention and alleviate the internal and external pressure on Syria.
According to yesterday’s edition of Kuwait’s Al Watan newspaper, the observers drew a link between the unrest taking place now in some Arab countries and what Syrian President Bashar Al Assad said to Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu in a meeting in Damascus last month ago.
Al Assad was quoted by the Western media as saying: “if the international community interferes in the Syrian Affair to protect the civilians as it has done to Libya, we will set the entire region ablaze and ruin the Gulf oil fields.”
The observers see that Al Assad’s words have been dictated on him by the Iranian president who is actually doing all he could to prevent the collapse of the Syrian regime.