Bahrain arrests anti-regime protesters

Bahrain arrests anti-regime protesters
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The Bahraini police attacked demonstrators in the Ma'ameer village, the eastern town of Sitra and the village of Dair, located on the northern coast of the Muharraq island on Tuesday evening.
Protesters chanted slogans against the Al-Khalifa regime.
Meanwhile, Bahraini workers, sacked previously by the government, once again gathered outside the Interior Ministry in the capital, Manama, on Tuesday to demand reinstatement.
Dozens of people have been killed, some in custody, and thousands more have been arrested or fired from their jobs in Bahrain since the beginning of the uprising in February.
Moreover, many health workers, teachers, opposition and human rights activists are still facing trial or serving prison terms over participation in anti-regime demonstrations in the country.
State media announced on Saturday that Bahraini authorities had dropped charges relating to the freedom of expression against “343 individual suspects in 34 cases” linked to anti-regime demonstrations in February and March.
However, Matar Matar, a member of the main opposition group, al-Wefaq, censured the announcement, saying that it is “a media show.”
Last week, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay called on Bahraini authorities to “urgently take confidence-building measures including unconditionally releasing those who were convicted in military tribunals or are still awaiting trial for merely exercising their fundamental rights to freedom of expression and assembly.”