BAHRAIN: Bice Restaurant


OPEN 2011.12.10

The  network  of  Bice  restaurant  spanning  the  world  today  began  80 years  ago  in  Milan.  Beatrice  Ruggeri – Bice  to  her family  and  friends  - was  known  for her extraordinary  hospitality  and  personal  warmth.
With  Bice  in the kitchen  and  her  brothers  and  sisters  serving  in  the  dining  room . ”Il  Ristorante  Da  Gino  e  Bice”,  or Bice  as  it  would later  be known,  had a family feeling . 
The first customer said  it was like being  at  the  home  of  a friend , as  Bice  hoped  they would .With  the passing  of her husband, Gino, Bice’s  sons , Remo and Roberto , took a more  active  role , yet stayed  true  to their mother ‘s vision.
Bice  Milan  remained  a  flourishing  local  establishment  throughout  World  War II  and has joined nearly  six  decades  of  success at  Via  Borgospesso  12,  Milano. 
As  Milan  emerged  as  a European  fashion  and  banking  center  in  the  1970s, Bice  Milan  was  embraced  by a new ,  very discriminating  international  clientele  that  included  the  continent ‘s  reining  designers.  Bice  Ruggeri,  with  her  Tuscany  origins  of  the  food  and  determined  commitment  to  satisfying  her  clients  was  recognized  then  a s  Milanese  restaurateur. And  her sons  Remo  and  Roberto, were taking steps, to  extend  her  vision  throughout  the  world.

Bice  around  the  world
Middle  East:  Dubai,  Abu  Dhabi, Beirut, Bahrain,  Jedda, Qatar ,  Tokio, Singapore  and  Seichelles.
North  and  South  America:  New York, Chicago, Miami, Naples, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Montreal, Cleveland, Buenos  Aires, Santiago  del  Chile,  Mexico  City,  Tijuana  and  Monterrey.
Europe: Milan, Amsterdam, Madrid, Montecarlo, Valencia  and  Costa del Sol.

After  several  months  of  hard  work  in  which  Partners  Restaurant  company management  dedicated  all  his  efforts  to  prepare  our premier restaurant  to  launch  BICE in  Bahrain, the  so  much  awaited  opening date  is  very close  and  I am  personally, as  well  as  Roberto  and  the  entire  Bice  Bahrain  Team,  proud  to  welcome  all  of  you  to  our  stunning  and  unique  venue  defined  the  World’s  Number  1 BICE according  to  Bice  Franchisor  statement   based  on  the  exclusivity of  the  interior design  and  prime  location  (WTC).  

I  look  forward  to  showing  you  the  results  of  our commitment  which  I am  more  than  sure  will  lead  us  to  a  great  success.

Olimpio  Giovannelli
(Bice   Bahrain  General  Manager)