BAHRAIN: Manama today, Sanabis, Budaya and Pearl...

Manama,  2011.12.07

Difficult day in Manama. During Ashura, and just today returned armored Manama.
Can not access at 15.30 pm in the Sanabis. He closed the Budeya, the Dana Mall, Geant. On the opposite side near Pearl deployment of armored vehicles, police cars for road across the great roads. Police access anywhere in the Seef District. Traffic diverted completely on the outside of Manama. For hours until the clash between protesters and police near the Square of the Martyrs...Pearl...
Do not know the numbers of injured, you do not know how many people were involved in the fighting this afternoon at 18 pm.
Even their websites for information on Facebook are not about fighting. But Sanabis and the entire area around the Dana Mall are covered with stones. The battle must have been cruel to judge by the forces in the field.
Tonight the streets are reopened, very little traffic and unreal calm.