BAHRAIN: ‏Pearl project off to a start said heritage head

‏Manama, Dec. 12 (BNA) -- ‏The Pearl Project of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage began the restoration of two of the 17 properties along the project route, said the Director of Heritage and Culture.

‏Dr Abdullah Al Sulaiti, Director of Heritage and Culture told the Bahrain News Agency that the pearl route once restored would be a new awakening. The two projects taken up for restoration is part of phase I, said the director.
‏"We are also restoring a portion of suq Al Qaisariya as part of this phase of the project," he added. The return of pearling glory of Muharraq would also mean the restoration of the Hala BuMaher fort, built on the sea off Muharraq and currently in coast guard area.
‏The overall project would take about two to three years, said Dr Al Sulaiti. Top priority is to finish the restoration of the two properties that have now been taken up, he added.
‏Asked as to why the time lag of over two months, he said, the project was not just constructing a property, but its overall restoration. "This would mean that the property as it was will have to be studied and that is painstaking. Once this part is over, then the material used need to be used in rebuilding the properties in the same way as they were, said the director.
‏The same also goes for suq Al Qaisariya, said Dr Al Sulaiti. In two months about six shops are expected to be made ready. "Once they have been restored and handed over then the work on the other parts of the suq can be taken up," he added.
‏The BuMaher fort once restored is to be opened to the public, since it is a heritage site, he added. The pearl route properties once restored is expected to provide and rekindle the memories of pearl diving in Bahrain – an era prior to the oil find in the Kingdom, said Ahmed Ebrahim Khalifa Al Awadhi, former representative of Al Hala, the village along which the project falls.