Bahraini Regime Forces Attack Ashura Processions

Bahraini security forces attacked Ashura processions in eastern Manama, injuring several people.

London, Dec. 3 (BNA)-- John Yates, the former assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has been appointed by Bahrain to oversee reform of its police force, the Daily Telegraph reported.
The move followed release of Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) Report which called to reform the kingdom's police apparatus and ensure its procedures meet international human rights standards.
Quoting Yates, the newspaper reported that the decision reflects the Bahraini government's cooperation in implementing BICI recommendations and underlines the kingdom's strong resolve to press ahead with the reform policy despite challenges.
Yates recalled HM the King's words on receiving the report when he promised to turn "a new page" by taking up the report's recommendation of root-and-branch reforms of the police.
"I have been impressed that the King is doing the right thing by pressing on with big reforms," he told the Daily Telegraph.
"Bahrain's police have some big challenges ahead, not dissimilar to those the UK itself faced only a couple of decades ago."
On collaborating with former Miami Police Chief John Timoney to help overhaul the police apparatus in Bahrain and ensure conformity of its procedures with international human rights standards, Yates said: "This is a big challenge which I will undertake with a great reforming police officer like John Timoney."
Yates said they would be involved with operations at all levels.
"I look forward to speaking to Bahrain's chief police officers, going out with them on the streets to see the challenges they face, seeing what structures they have in place and helping them to deal better with public order," he said.
A code of conduct that emphasises the protection of rights and importance of fundamental freedoms will be presented to the interior ministry next year, he pointed out.