Causes of Explosion near the British Embassy Unveiled

Manama, Dec. 4. (BNA) – The explosion that was heard just after midnight in the Ras Ruman area in Manama was caused by an explosive placed under the front wheel of a bus parked 50 metres away from the building of the British Embassy in Manama, Interior Ministry Spokesman Salah Salim announced.

In a press conference held here today, Salah Salim said that as soon as the Ministry was notified of the incident, police, a team of the forensic lab and all concerned authorities went to the explosion site and started the investigation.
"The explosion was because of an unknown type of explosive device which was placed under the front left wheel of a minibus that was parked in a parking area on Government Avenue, approximately 50 metres away from the British Embassy in Manama," he explained, adding that "The explosion led to the wheel being blown off, along with damages to the front of the vehicle. The front and left side glass was also shattered."
"We believe that the material used was highly explosive because of the strength of the explosion; fragments were found approximately 32 metres from the explosion site which created a hole with a diametre of around 30 cm underneath the driver's side of the vehicle. Five other cars parked in the area also received damages," he also said, asserting that there were no injuries or casualties.
"The size of the device is difficult to determine at present but it was highly volatile. The material used in the explosive device is being tested at the forensic laboratories of the Ministry of Interior," he pointed out.
The Interior Ministry's Spokesman also affirmed that the Ministry immediately secured and reinforced the headquarters of embassies in the Kingdom, adding that "The Ministry of Interior calls upon citizens and residents to immediately report any suspicious car stationed near vital establishments in the Kingdom."
He also pledged that the Interior Ministry will keep the public informed on the latest findings as soon as details become available.