Former Iraqi PM Warns against Invasion of Iran, Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Former Iraqi premier and head of the Iraqi National Alliance Ibrahim Jafari underlined Baghdad's strong opposition to any military adventurism against Iran and Syria, warning that a military attack on either country would jeopardize security in Iraq and the entire region.

"Such a move (attack on Iran) will leave negative impacts on Iraq and the region," Jafari told Al Hayat daily on Monday.
"The same thing is also true about Syria. We are against a military attack on this country" as well, he reiterated.
"Maintenance of security and stability of the region is important to Iraq," Jafari reiterated.
The United States and its staunch ally the Zionist regime of Israel have recently intensified threats against Iran. Some Tel Aviv officials have even claimed that a military strike on Iran is in the offing.
Iranian officials and commanders have warned that any enemy moves, even the slightest aggression, against the Islamic Republic would be reciprocated with a destructive response and will endanger the US interests all around the world.
Meantime, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had earlier underlined Iran's major role in global economy, and said the US would not dare to attack Iran since the move would devastate, not just the US, but the world economy.
"There are going to be economic consequences to that (an Iran strike), that could impact not just on our economy but the world economy," Panetta told reporters traveling with him to Canada in November.
Analysts believe that the statements by the US defense secretary prove that the US and Israel have intensified war rhetoric against Iran since almost two months ago in a bid to convince other countries, specially Russia and China, to accept harsh diplomatic actions, including sanctions against Iran, to avoid a US and Israeli strike on Tehran.