Al Maqabi: News on US-Wefaq coordination against the regime.

Sunday 22 January 2012

The Phase of “Abyss Policy” kicked off, the aim is to oust the regime

Human Resources Development Expert Dr. Sheikh Abdullah Al Maqabi unveiled an ongoing exchange of secret correspondence between the United States and Al Wefaq aimed at countering the political regime in Bahrain. “Al Wefaq’s aggravation discourse and its call on its followers to go back to the Pearl Roundabout is an indication of both sides’ joint implementation of the scheme, “he said.

He added that Al Wefaq has begun the phase of the" policy of the abyss" in a new attempt to topple the regime and bring the State to its knees in implementation of foreign sides’ wishes.

He based his arguments on Al Wefaq’s recent encouragement of its supporters to increase the dose of escalation and threats, stressing that mobilizing its military militias in various parts of the country and the coupling it with mounting escalation of violence and vandalism over the last days pour in this direction.

"Al Wefaq is currently preparing for a huge march that will head towards Al Farooq conjunction to mark the first anniversary of the failed coup attempt," he said, noting that the United States is now ready to cooperate with Iran and offer it support on condition that the latter preserves its interests.

The United States has a different way in dealing with Bahrain political affairs, so the State is urged to enforce and activate its laws, he warned.