Al-Wefaq: Bahrain will not emerge from its stifling crisis without real democratic transformation


A statement issued by al-Wefaq National Society in Bahrain underlined that the King's speech of on Sunday, January 15th had nothing to do with the political crisis, and was nothing but an escape from the crisis plaguing the country for the last ten months,

it is very far from the demands of the Bahraini people who have took to the streets for months to demand democratic transformation and to reject the dictatorship.

The society described what came in the speech as minor secondary issues unrelated to the crisis, represented in superficial and cosmetic amendments. These issues are no more than subjects in the size of a parliamentary committee, it is very surprising that such insignificant trivial make up the King's speech. The awareness of Bahraini citizens has by far exceeded the system's and they will no longer accept such speeches in the face of a crisis which has exhausted Bahrain politically, economically, socially and security wise. Bahrain and is still stuck in the scope of a sharp recession which will continue to deepen as long as it did not turn to democracy.

The statement said that Bahrain will not come out of its stifling crisis without real democratic transformation and that the majority in Bahrain reject dictatorships which are over and the people would not leave the streets without real democratic change.

Al-Wefaq emphasized that the speech today is not matter to the majority of the people of Bahrain, it no longer of impact and it will increase the size of tension and escalate the protest movement which involves more than half of the people of Bahrain.

Al-Wefaq said: But we do not disagree with what the speech referred to in that democracy is not just text, constitutional and legislative provisions. Democracy is culture and practice, commitment to the rule of law, respect for international principles of human rights coupled with political action and a serious national representation of all components of the society without exclusion or quota; this is what makes us totally disagree with what came in the speech.

The society stressed that the governments only gains legitimacy of authority from the people and they will not accept it unless it is achieved through "People are the source of all powers" principle thereof having a right to elect their government and legislature and right to partnership in security and independence of  judiciary.