Al Wefaq's Request to Organise Procession Was not Approved

Manama, Jan. 6. (BNA) -- Public Security Chief Major-General Tariq Al Hassan announced that the request submitted by Al Wefaq National Islamic Society to the Directorate of Central Governorate Police to organize a procession on the Services Road in Tubli on Saturday, January 7, 2012 was not approved.

"The request was reviewed but for security reasons and legal regulations that are stated in the General Gathering Law, the requested time and location were not approved," he said, explaining that "If the event were to be held on such a vital road, which is close to Shaikh Isa bin Salman road, it could hinder traffic, disturb security and harm public interests of the public. The procession would also be a potential threat to users of the main road."
The Chief of Public Security stressed that practising freedom of expression through gatherings, processions and other public activities should be carried out according to the Constitution and laws of Bahrain.
He also reminded the public that the Interior Ministry is responsible for protecting life and property and for keeping the peace, asserting that "If the procession goes ahead, it will do so in violation of the law and legal procedures will be taken against violators."
Major-General Hassan highlighted that the organization of public gatherings and freedom of expression are protected by the constitution and the law. But putting security and general order in jeopardy as well as effecting economic interests or the country's utilities are not allowed. Hence obedience of the law is required.
He concluded by saying that the police will act within their legal powers to maintain security and to protect both the public and their private property.