BAHRAIN: New alert siren system to be tested tomorrow

Manama, Jan. 11 (BNA)—The Civil Defence General Directorate will conduct tomorrow morning the first test-trial of a new alert siren system which has been launched nationwide recently.Testing the new technology is part of a development and modernization strategy being adopted by the Interior Ministry.

It also aims to raise awareness and promote the culture of prevention and public safety.The test-trial will include three tones: the first to declare start of the test-trial, the second to declare the state of danger and the third to declare end of danger, the Civil Defence General Director revealed pointing out that vocal messages will be sent in between from the Civil Defence General Directorate Operations Room.The first 15-second tone will continue for ten minutes and then stop for a similar period of time before the second 70-second tone is launched for another ten minutes and then will stop for ten minutes, too. After that, the third 60-second tone will be sent and will be followed by a vocal message announcing the end of the test-trial, he explained.The Civil Defence Directorate is keen to know about people's reaction to the experiment via a webpage launched on the Interior Ministry's website (http://www.interior.gov.bh/siren.aspx), he added pointing out the need to locate the places where the sirens were not heard so that they can be provided later. The test-trial will be carried out once every month to familiarize people with the sirens, the Civil Defence General Director said calling on people in Bahrain not to get annoyed by the sound of the sirens. AOQ