Bahraini Forces Attack Funeral Ceremony

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Al-Khalifa security forces on Saturday raided the funeral of a young man who was killed by the regime's toxic gas spray a day earlier.

It seems that the Bahraini regime forces are eager to shed the people's blood even when the people are gathering for a funeral procession and not for protest.

The regime forces fired tear gas on Saturday to disperse mourners at the funeral of Mohammad Khamis,25, who died after the Al-Khalifa forces fired toxic tear gas in the Northern village of Jid-hafs on Friday.

Earlier in the day, another Bahraini, Yasin Asfour,14, died due to inhalation of toxic gas.

Asfour's parents said that the teenager suffered from Asthma.

Following the incident Bahrainis took to the streets after Asfour died. The protesters demanded that the government halt the violence against anti-regime demonstrators but they were also attacked by the regime forces. According to activists, dozens of people have been injured and several others arrested.

Since the beginning of the popular uprising in February 2011, dozens of people have been martyred and thousands more have been arrested and put in jail or fired from their jobs in Bahrain.

In addition, many health workers, teachers, opposition figures and human rights activists in Bahrain are still facing trials or serving prison terms over their participation in anti-government demonstrations.