BDF starts first phase of Arabian Gulf Shield drill

Manama, Jan. 10 (BNA)—Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) units performed jointly today with the Peninsula Shield Forces Command the first phase of "the Arabian Gulf Shield" joint command drills at many military locations.
The exercise aims to enable military commanders to practise real warfare, unify military style among all units and instantly solve problems emerging from difference in armament.
Military land mobilization drills, whether collective or bilateral, is a practical embodiment of the GCC unity and military cooperation. Therefore, the BDF is keen to join the GCC armed forces in various mobilization manoeuvres.
"The Arabian Gulf Shield" exercise focuses principally on combat readiness, operations and administrative capabilities, information exchange and developing performance.
"the Arabian Gulf Shield" drill aims to test our defence capabilities and enhance the commanders' training to deal with various circumstances," Royal Shields Commander Brigadier Shaikh Ali bin Rashid Al Khalifa said lauding high morale of the participants.
"Our readiness is always high to defend the nation, in cooperation with our brethren from the Peninsula Shield forces, and boost training and coordination among the GCC countries" he added.
"This quality exercise is part of a series of mobilization drills the BDF General Command continuously conduct to upgrade combat, administrative and technical readiness of its forces," Brigadier Jaber Abdullah Jaber Hewil said.
Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Jassim Al Buainin hailed the efforts exerted to prepare for and conduct the military exercise describing it as very realistic, establishing more military harmony between the BDF and the Peninsula Shield Forces.
"This is not alien to the BDF policy which is going ahead with the implementation of various field drills at all levels since the inception of the force," he said.
"The ultimate goal is to protect the kingdom's hard-won achievements brought about in the prosperous era of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa," he stressed.