Committee for the follow-up of BICI recommendations calls upon the government to prepare national reconciliation programme

Manama, Jan 17 (BNA) The National Committee for the implementation of recommendation made by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) today called upon the preparation of a national reconciliation programme as stated by article (B) of section 1725. This it stated must be done taking into consideration the political, social and economic aspect along with attaining the assistance of international expertise with this regard. Moreover, the principles of human rights and the constitution must also be considered. The committee also decided based on recommendation made by the legislative team to communicate with the government to provide it with all the draft laws that it would be implementing following recommendations by the BICI.
Meanwhile, the committee also reviewed several correspondences from the government and other organisations related to the committee's suggestion and they are as follows:
1. The committee's suggestion on the amendment of law no. 14 for 2002 related to the national security body that includes the establishment of an office for an independent general inspector with similar duties of a complaint office at the ministry of interior. The government's response was that experts were currently studying the topic and would present the committee with the latest developments as soon as they were complete.
2. Related to article (A) and (B) of recommendation no. 1724 the government indicated that French- media experts had been appointed from internationally renowned group (IMCA). The group would present the professional media standards for Bahraini media in addition to amending the law and Bahraini media regulations to be parallel to international standards. With this regard the committee emphasized the need to meet with these experts.
3. This was related to recommendation no. 1722 related to the incorporation of audio/visual recording in the interrogation rooms associated with the police. The government on this issue indicated the approval of the ministry of interior on a detailed plan to install this equipment. This would include engineering plans and the German company that would that would provide this equipment. It also indicated that the ministry of interior was in the process of presenting a tender for contracts to undertake these installations. Moreover, as a preliminary step the public prosecution had equipped its interrogation rooms with such facilities.
Meanwhile, the committee head Ali Saleh Al Saleh at the outset of the meeting had reviewed the latest development related to follow-up of reinstated employees and affirmed the continued follow-up on this topic with the government especially those in the private sector. He also indicated the great efforts exerted by the government with this regard in the past period with a number of companies. In conclusion the committee decided to assign the three teams to review what had been submitted by the government on the implementation of the recommendation of the BICI.