Embassy Stresses Iran's Policy of Cooperation with Kuwait in Arash Gas Field

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian embassy in Kuwait reiterated that Tehran is eager to cooperate with the Arab country in the development of the offshore Arash gas field in the Persian Gulf, but complained that this positive policy of Iran has not been reciprocated yet.

The Iranian embassy underlined Tehran's viewpoint about the joint gas field in a statement issued on Wednesday.
"We have repeatedly announced that Iran has interacted with Kuwait through a positive diplomacy but it has received no positive response from Kuwait yet," the statement said.
The Iranian mission once again described cooperation with Kuwait as Iran's strategy in the development of the giant gas field, reiterating that Tehran is awaiting Kuwait's positive response.
Arash gas field is located on Iran-Kuwait water border and it is called Dorra in the Kuwait part of the field.
The field's gas reserve is estimated at one trillion cubic feet along with some 310 million barrels of oil.
In November, Iran's Oil Minister Rostam Qassemi stressed that development of joint oil and gas fields shared with the neighboring countries sets a priority for his ministry and the Iranian government.
"As declared earlier, development and production at joint oil fields is a priority of the oil ministry and oil industry," Qassemi said on the sidelines of a ceremony held to mark the endorsement of a contract on crude production at Yaran joint oil field in November.