Interior Ministry Releases Video of Nabeel Rajab

Information Affairs Authority, Manama, Jan. 7. (BNA) --The Bahrain Ministry of Interior has released a video of the events yesterday (Friday) involving an illegal demonstration, which included Bahraini Nabeel Rajab.

The video shows demonstrators confronting police, who ask the demonstrators to disperse. Peaceful demonstrations are permitted in Bahrain when permission has been sought and there are no grounds for refusal, but these demonstrators had not sought permission to take place very late at night.

When the demonstrators didn’t disperse, tear gas was fired and they began to flee. Very soon after this the video shows Nabeel Rajab seated on the ground against a wall. Police say he was complaining of an injury. The police are shown in the video helping Nabeel Rajab to an ambulance.

At first they hold Mr Rajab as he walks towards the ambulance. But then he walks unassisted and talks on his mobile phone.

He was treated in hospital and released later yesterday evening.

He was not detained by police.

Nowhere in the video can any serious injuries be seen, either before he reaches the ambulance, or when he is filmed leaving the hospital last night towards the end of the video.

Full video can be seen at following link: >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDdh875X6Sc