Iran 'is instigating terror in Bahrain'

IRAN is instigating terrorism and sabotage in Bahrain and Qateef in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, former State Security colonel Adel Flaifil said.
He said the reasons behind it are international sanctions against Iran, the arrival of US and European warships near the Strait of Hormuz and the alleged assassination attempt on Saudi Ambassador Adel Al Jubeir in Washington being referred to the UN Security Council.
"In my view, there is only 20 per cent possibility of war in the Arabian Gulf," he added.
"To my knowledge, there are US-European assurances to protect GCC countries from any Iranian attack. The assurances also include not encouraging or standing by the Shi'ites and terrorist organisations.
"A meeting will be held in 10 days between Saudi, Turkish and US military officials to develop a plan to confront the Iranian threat. The outrage of the Houthis in Sa'ada (Yemen) and saboteurs in Bahrain and Qateef came on orders from Iran, particularly from hardline general and presidential candidate Dr Qassim Salmani, who is backed by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei," Mr Flaifil said.
"Iran is fighting to keep the Syrian regime, but it is doomed to fail as Turkish President Abdullah Gul told the Iranians: 'You are now fighting a Sunni-Shi'ite cold war, and you will lose it at the hands of Sunnis, who have a leadership and become stronger after revolutions. Iran has no alternative but to give in to the Arabs, because it is not capable of confrontation," he added.
"Iran will have to listen to reason. The Iranian intelligence director visited Saudi Arabia two months ago and met officials. An agreement was reached to postpone referring the case of Mr Al Jubeir to the Security Council in return for Iran to lay its hands off Bahrain and Qateef.
"But Iran did not keep its promise. I also have information that the Iranian intelligence director is visiting Riyadh to plead with our Saudi brothers to activate what has been reached earlier," he said.
Referring to Iraq, he said the Americans are supporting Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki to resolve the crisis.
"If Mr Al Maliki's intransigence continues along with the marginalisation of the Sunnis, it is expected that Sunni tribes in Anbar and Salahudeen could opt for an autonomous province. The Arabs will help them militarily and politically," said Mr Flaifil, our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej reports.