Legislator Underscores Iran's Ability to Confront US

TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Iranian legislator stressed on Tuesday that the Iranian nation is fully capable of defending the country against US threats.

"The US should know that the Iranian people are armed with the power of faith and belief in addition to scientific and technical capabilities and can cut its (America's) breath in the Strait of Hormoz," Seyed Mohammad Saddat Ebrahimi said, addressing a parliament session here in Tehran today.
The remarks by the Iranian lawmaker came days after US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Martin Dempsey acknowledged that Iran is able to close the Strait of Hormoz.
"They've invested in capabilities that could, in fact, for a period of time block the Strait of Hormuz," Dempsey said in an interview aired on Sunday on the CBS "Face the Nation" program.
On Monday, Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Navy Rear Admiral Gholam Reza Khadem Biqam said the naval forces are ready to protect the country and repel enemies' threats whenever and wherever needed.
"The Navy confronts any threat posed against us toughly no matter in the Strait of Hormoz, the Persian Gulf or in the Oman Sea," Khadem Biqam said.
Speaking to Al Alam TV network, the commander pointed to the US and Britain's insistence on continued military presence in the region, and stated, "The naval forces of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran are prepared to show response to any threat. If an incident takes place we enjoy the ability to strongly confront it."
He further referred to Washington and London's efforts to spread Iranophobia in the region, and added that such warmongering stances announced by the US and Britain are aimed at making the region insecure to justify their illegitimate military presence in the region.
His remarks came after London announced that it plans to send its biggest naval destroyer to the Persian Gulf.