Parliament Condemns Violence Targeting Security Forces

Manama-Jan3 (BNA) The Parliament has strongly condemned the acts
violence targeting security forces across Bahrain. In a statement
issued today, the Lower House slammed the recurrent and systematic
sabotage perpetrated by outlaws, accusing certain religious figures
and political societies and human rights organizations of instigating
It denounced the attack on the house of MP Jawad Abdulla Hussain,
describing the aggression as a dangerous precedent, belying claims of
claims of "peaceful and civil" protests.
It warned against the dangerous escalation of violence, the
transgression of citizens and expatriates' safety and targeting of
public and private properties. It condemned the attacks perpetrated on
the security forces, cautioning against the non-enforcement of the
law, which may drive the country into the cauldron of sedition and
The Parliament stressed the need to ensure policemen's safety in
conformity with the law.