US, UK back suppression in Bahrain

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - A prominent political analyst says the US and British governments continue to support the Bahraini monarchy's 'despotic, corrupt and inhumane actions against the people'.

There is an interview with a Lebanese-based political commentator, Mohsen Saleh, to further discuss the issue.

The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Q: Professor Saleh, our guest in Washington says that it's something totally different what's witnessed in Libya and other countries and what is happening in Bahrain; of course, saying that the level of violence is totally different. What's your take on that, professor?

Saleh: Well, good evening to you and to your guests, especially your guest from London who has really shed the light on the issue in a sense that I can't say anything but to agree with him, especially in killing democracy and not only betraying democracy.

That shows that Bahrain is still a British colony, and he follows the order from Britain and the United States.

I would ask your guest from the United States that what the United States has done in order to put an end to the killing in Bahrain, and to the royal family - a corrupt family, a backward family - killing the majority in order to appease the British and the American authorities, and also to appease the Saudi orders who really coordinate with the Americans in order to put down the revolution there, whether in Egypt or in Bahrain, and in Saudi Arabia ,also, in the eastern part?

This is not a Shia revolution. This is a human revolution against despotism, against corruption, against dictatorship and against all kinds of inhumane actions in history!

I guess you know, Katzman, you don't like to see a royal family controlling the United States. I think you don't like to see the Saudis, the Saudi family and the Al-Khalifa family, controlling the United States or Britain or anywhere else.

This agony, this problem, this plight that has occurred in Bahrain, I guess you should deny it and you should say something about it, if you dare, if you say so.

If you have been directed by a political agenda but the United States administration, this is an inhumane view towards the revolution towards the people in the region.

I really condemn the remarks put by Obama when he greeted Bahrain's king about his courage to reform. Where is this reform? Where? Why are people still going to the street? Do they want to kill themselves? They tried to get some freedom, some democracy, and some reformation. And they got some mercenaries to kill them in the streets and in the hospitals.

Q: Our guest in Washington said 35 people have been killed. Of course, we should also take into context the small population in Bahrain and with 35 people being killed and those in prison, exactly, what the percentage, population-wise, would mean. Your take, sir, on our guest's comments.

Saleh: Well, I guess first of all he should change his title from a Middle East expert to “somewhere expert, not the Middle East” expert. He knows that the United States intervened and ordered Saudi Arabia and the so-called Gulf Shield to go into Bahrain and put down, crackdown, kill people in Bahrain on the eyes of the Fifth Fleet in Bahrain.

And he knows that the United States committed crimes against the Arabs, Muslims, and in Vietnam. Everywhere the United States exists, it creates crimes.

And he should say it clearly and not cover up these crimes against the Bahraini people who have been, as I mentioned, for tens of years tolerating such discontent, poverty and corruption.

First of all, he should say it clearly. This monarchy should go out from Bahrain and go to the United States. Let the United States take these people into their country, and take their money and jewels, and take the wealth of the Bahraini [kingdom] and go.

Let Bahrain for the Bahrainis. Bahrainis cannot tolerate anymore of the crimes against them. Imprisonment, illiteracy and all these things are preventing people in Bahrain to live their natural life in a democratic manner, in a democratic way.

They say the Americans came to the region in order to implement democracy. They implement crimes in these countries in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan.

My colleague from Britain mentioned many things - disgusting - against the political agenda of the United States and the British political agenda before the United States.

Q: Your take on what our guest said.

Saleh: It's sufficient for the United States for helping these dictatorships in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and at least helping the Israelis in killing the identity of Palestine - people, land and also cultural identity and everything - it's enough for the United States to go out from the politics of the Middle East.