YEMEN: Drone strike on al-Qaeda 'kills 11' in southern Yemen

At least 11 people have been killed in air strikes on al-Qaeda militants in southern Yemen, local residents and officials say.

One tribal leader said at least four of the dead were local al-Qaeda leaders, Reuters news agency reports.
They were reportedly attacked by a drone in Abyan province.
Islamists began taking control of parts of Abyan last year. Security forces have tried unsuccessfully to push them out and suffered heavy losses.
The details of what happened are not clear, but some reports suggest a convoy of two cars was struck east of Lawdar city.
However, AFP news agency was told by tribal leaders that a control post and a school hosting a midnight meeting of local al-Qaeda chiefs and fighters were targeted in four overnight raids.
Regional al-Qaeda leader Abdul Monem al-Fahtani was among the dead, they said.
"We think they were carried out by American planes," one tribal source told AFP, on condition of anonymity and without elaborating.