BAHRAIN: Another Bahraini killed by toxic tear gas

Another Bahraini civilian has died of asphyxia after Saudi-backed regime forces fired toxic tear gas into a house, activist reported.
Ali Abdullah died on Monday several days after regime forces attacked his house using tear gas.
Bahraini troops heavily rely on tear gas and stun grenades in dispersing peaceful anti-government protesters. Several Bahraini civilians, mostly senior citizens and kids, who had not participated in protest rallies have also died from asphyxia after regime troops fired tear gas in residential areas and into homes in violation of international standards that Bahrain is a signatory to.
Amnesty International has warned about the Bahraini government’s misuse of tear gas against anti-regime protesters and has called for an investigation into the tear gas-related deaths.
Meanwhile, thousands of anti-government protesters have started a week-long rally in the northern village of Muqsha, west of the capital, Manama, pressing for their demands and condemning the suppression of protests.
They also called for the immediate release of political prisoners.
Bahraini opposition groups, which organized the demonstrations, said the protest would continue until February 14, the first anniversary of the popular uprising in Bahrain.
Anti-government protesters have also vowed to march toward the site of Pearl Square, the epicenter of the country’s uprising which was razed down last year as part of Manama’s crackdown on protests. It is now called Martyr’s Square.
“This is a dress rehearsal for the return. We will return! We will return! Soon our sit-in will not be here but at the Pearl Square,” said poetess Ayat al-Qormozi, who was jailed for reading out a poem criticizing the king at Pearl Square.