BAHRAIN: Saboteurs Sow Chaos on Budaiya Highway, Public Security Chief says

Manama-Feb13-(BNA) Public Security Chief Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan today announced that large groups of saboteurs, taking part in a licensed rally held by Al-Wefaq, sowed chaos and committed acts of rioting on Budaiya Highway, between Jidhafs roundabout and Al-Shakhoora village.
"The saboteurs deviated from the initial route demarcated for the demonstration and headed north to Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway where they blocked traffic on both ways and caused massive congestion on main arteries, thus sparking panic among road-users and disrupting their interests", he said. He added that saboteurs hurled incendiary Molotov cocktails and stones at policemen and set fire to several private properties.

The saboteurs disregarded orders to disperse and continued breaking the law, prompting the security forces to intervene and restore order, in conformity with the law provisions.

The security forces also managed to reopen all the roads and reinstate normalcy.

Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan held the organisers of the demonstration responsible for the acts of sabotage as they failed to keep participants under control, which endangered road-users.

He announced that legal action would be taken against the organizers, urging urging all social components to condemn such illegal violations, for saboteurs not to disrupt security, sow national disunity or derail the march of democracy.

"Freedom of expression shall be exercised in a civilized way", he said.