BAHRAIN: We will not stop until the people’s demands met Opposition forces : Sheikh Ali Salman


The Secretary General of the Al Wefaq Society, Sheikh Ali Salman in the sit-in “Freedom Square” that People’s decision not to return to prior to 14 February, with no room to continue without equality between all Bahrainis. We have no choice but to continue… You did not let this people any other option but to continue to claim, and we will continue in a peaceful and God With justice, goodness and truth.
Salman said: As we were in the “Roundabout” we will be in “Freedom Square”. Our positions are love incubation for all. And our challenge is against the dictatorship only.
He pointed out that there is existence of talk about fabricating a scenario of violence and linked to our movement… and there are parts of the system in the Royal Court and the Prime Minister… Could not meet the demands that you rise because it’s fair and humane, so they lying to try to confuse your demands by accusing you of violence or connecting with outside or sectarianism.
Also, he pointed out that there are security systems who acts of violence as they did in last March, and tried to create conflicts in Muharraq, Hamad Town, these groups continue to attempts and will work to carry out violence in order to create the noise, so my beloved:
Do not applaud any act of violence in the area because the official stands behind it.
He continued: I say if that happens… it is useless, because there are fair and just demands to be response. We hope that does not happen any cases of violence, but whatever you did and made… If God forbid pull the scene to violence… This will mean the possibility of continuing dictatorship and evasion of achieving the just and demands of the people… There is no escape from these demands.
And speaking of the strike by oppositions detained in prison for the food, Salman said: They do not use the violence, and they do not calls to violence… They were tried and sentenced unfair, they just subtract demands; we may vary with it, but within the area of freedom of expression guaranteed by the domestic law and international law.
He continued: they torture and confessions extracted under torture and rulings were issued according to that, which is in accordance with domestic and international law provisions are null and void… They are prisoners of opinion… Their presence is an injustice and without right.
Salman expressed his solidarity with them, adding, “People will not rest, can not be quiet and stability and all the oppositions behind prisons … Will not keep silent about their survival.”
He stressed that the march of the people extended to decades ago, and without any forms of the date of 14 February 2011 launch of the privacy of the movement, and the date will be February 14, 2012 a significant milestone, but it will not be a station stop after it, a mission station, and beyond is also important.
He said: All the coming months we will make them important stages to achieve our demands. And will be renewed February 14 in each month and year after year… Until we gain our rights.
He continued: The strategy which followed by the system… As a result of the mentality behind the exercise regime used the maximum degrees of repression, and is used in the media and behind the forces of competition and support for dictatorships and then offers some formal amendments to be passed to say that Bahrain has completed the case of claim!
Then, he explained that this strategy is stupid and approved that the people insist for his demands, and will prove to you days of steadfastness after the steadfastness, so I call to the system to change this Stupid Strategic, and the people will remain in his demands until gain it.