Bahrain, a year on

Mahmood's Den

I don’t have much to add about the situation in Bahrain with the first anniversary of the Bahraini Spring just three days away other than to reiterate that there still is no honest attempt to find a solution and get us on the path of reconciliation.
The general “wisdom” seems to be to crush the spirit of protests and demands for a better and more equitable future. Well, that ain’t gonna happen. So better take that fact on board, comprehend it, understand it, embrace it and think of what’s best for this country, rather than just a few individuals.
Like everyone else, I’m fed up of this situation too, but I’ll be damned if I would simply give up my rights for a better future and to be treated as an equal human being.
Deal with it.
On the 14th of February 2012, I shall be remembering and honoring the martyrs of this country who sacrificed their very lives in order for us all to have a better life.
They shall never be forgotten.