Ethiopian woman in custody for murdering compatriot


KUWAIT: Police  arrested an Ethiopian woman who confessed to murdering her compatriot and hanging her body in a Nugra apartment. A homicide investigation was opened after the body was recovered a few days ago from the apartment which the victim shared with 25 other Ethiopian women. The incident was reported as a suicide, but investigators found out the victim died of a fatal head trauma and was strangled to death, before her body was hanged from the ceiling to make it appear as suicide. During interrogations, one woman’s behavior evoked suspicion and was continuously monitored. She eventually admitted to murdering her roommates over money disputes. She confessed to strangling the victim to ensure that she died. The suspect remains in custody pending trial and faces first degree murder charges.

Child rapists held
A police officer and an unemployed citizen were recently arrested for kidnapping and raping a child in Salmiya. Investigations went underway after the victim’s father reported the incident as related by his son. The child explained that he was bundled into a car and was taken to a remote location where he was sexually assaulted. Police identified the car’s owner through its license plate number that was provided by the victim. The suspect, identified as a citizen with criminal history, was arrested and taken into custody. He eventually confessed to committing the crime and divulged details about to his accomplice. He was identified as a police patrol officer and was arrested later. The policeman admitted that his friend invited him to his apartment after kidnapping the boy. The two remain imprisoned pending legal procedures.

Lewd messages
Taima police station officers summoned a citizen for investigations after his ex-wife filed a complaint stating that he circulated her phone number among group of his friends, encouraged  them to send lewd messages. The female citizen pressed sexual harassment and libel charges against her ex-husband, and showed the text messages as evidence. During interrogation, the man denied the accusations and said that all allegations were fabricated “for malicious intent.” Investigations are still ongoing into the case.

Fatal crash
A young man in his twenties died after his All-Terrain Vehicle(ATV) crashed into another car  along Al-Nuwaiseeb highway.  The car’s female driver fled the scene immediately. Paramedics and police reached the scene in response to an emergency call shortly after it was reported. They pronounced the victim dead on the scene. According to eyewitnesses accounts, the female driver of the other vehicle checked on the victim.  However she fled the scene after realizing that he was dead. An investigation was launched into the case.

Rapists at large
A search is currently ongoing for two male suspects accused of raping an expatriate woman in a Jahra camp after kidnapping her from Sharq. In her statement, the Nepalese victim explained that she was bundled into a car that halted near her as she walked  to her workplace at a mall.  She was taken to a camp and repeatedly raped. The suspects eventually released the victim and she reported the incident to police.

Attackers nabbed
Police arrested three suspects who disappeared after brutally assaulting a party host. He reportedly asked them to leave the a party held at a rented villa in Al-Bedaa. The victim was hospitalized in a critical condition after sustaining multiple injuries when suspects ran their vehicle him over several times after severing his hand using a sharp object. Police first arrested one of the suspects from Al-Farwaniya Hospital where he received treatment for injuries sustained. The suspect eventually gave divulged information on his two accomplices who were later detained in an ambush in Salmiya. The three remain in custody pending further action. – Al-Rai, Al-Anba, Al-Watan