INIC Makes Effort to Standardize Education of Nanotechnology Concepts in Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council is due to hold an examination to evaluate the capability to teach nanotechnology and to study the scientific capabilities and the skill of volunteers in the transference of the concepts of sciences and technology.

Participants who acquire the required grade in the two scientific and educational indices will obtain teaching certificate in three levels of 'Trainer Level A', 'Trainer Level B', and 'Trainer Level C from Promotion Workgroup of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council.

Two rounds of this examination have so far been held. In the second round of the examination that was held on January 13, 2012, 28 people participated and 12 of them will obtain the teaching certificate. One people will obtain the teaching certificate at level A, three people at level B, and eight people at level C.

Among the 2300 participants in the first nanotechnology competition (equipment competition that was held in February 2012) and the 60 participants in the two examinations to increase teaching abilities that were held in December 2011 and January 2012, 51 participants will receive the teaching certificate at level C, four at level B, and two at level A.

As of the beginning of February, people who have acquired nanotechnology teaching certificate can receive stimulus support from Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council in order to organize scientific and promotional seminars and workshops to get ready for nanotechnology competitions for university students.