Nuwaidrat Feb @NuwaidratFeb Nuwaidrat: We confirm the safety of all Nuwaidrat village's princes & princesses that marched toward Martyrs... http://fb.me/1GIWe4QCO
S.Yousif Almuhafda @SAIDYOUSIF #Bahrain Today detainee Wahab Shuwaikh starts an open #hungerstrike protesting his arbitrary arrest cuz of his speech at Alwefaq rally”
S.Yousif Almuhafda @SAIDYOUSIF HCHR should interfere immediately to protect the injured protesters who are interrogated before receiving treatment! #Bahrain #humanrights
S.Yousif Almuhafda @SAIDYOUSIF #Bahrain The same day Minister of Interior denied that the members of his ministry steal, I met a protester who was stolen by them #UN
14 Feb Media Network @14Feb_Media #Bahrain 30 #14Feb #USA #UK Some of The Peaceful Protesters Trying To Enter The Pearl Square http://fb.me/1qHlfS7Um
Nabeel Rajab @NABEELRAJAB Help us to Invite a foreign journalist, activist or blogger to Bahrain to convey to the world what the tyrant of #Bahrain is doing to people