“Social media will ring the death knell for newspapers”

Manama, Feb. 29 (BNA) -- Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have the power to influence events and decision making at all levels, resulting in decision makers at all levels relying on this source to find the influence of any decision. It is going to kill the newspaper industry, said Barakat Al Wagayyan, television anchor of Al Watan, Kuwait.

In Kuwait, the reliance on social media channels is very high, he said. Even in Kuwait’s political sphere the social media has played an important role. All the government heads and representatives of the people are social media savvy.

“From what I perceive, general opinion on any issue is readily available on social media and it is easy to access this source to find the pulse of any decision. Which is why even governments today depend on this medium prior to legislating or implementing a law,” said Al Wagayyan.

It is a source of immediate response on any issue. The importance of social media to the governments and also decision makers can be gauged from the huge budgets allotted to this, he added.

“I think social media will push all other forms of media to the sidelines. I think it will be the master of the media. It knows no bounds and neither is it confined to a few channels. It is ever expanding – from facebook to twitter to the next level,” said Al Wagayyan.

Asked about the limitations of this media source he compared it with the traditional media. The newspapers came first, he said, followed by the radio which depended on the newspapers. The television technology came over and took it to bring live news.

In a short span of time the newspapers will lose their significance. It will be replaced by the social media because when I want to see a newspaper I browse its digital version. Earlier the news and its updates were provided by the newspaper. With the social media stepping in, there is news as it happens from the origin itself.

The television is expected to give the details. The new devices will give information quick and live, he concluded.