Thailand blasts: 'Iranian' bomber injured in Bangkok

A man thought to be Iranian has had both legs blown off after attempting to throw a bomb at police in the Thai capital, Bangkok, officials said.

Two other explosions were reported in the same busy commercial district of the Thai capital, injuring four others.
Police said one blast took place at the house the injured man rented with other Iranians. One of those men also threw a bomb at a taxi in the capital.
Last month the US embassy warned of possible attacks in Bangkok.
The blasts come just one day after two bomb attacks targeted Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia.
Israel has accused Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah of orchestrating the attacks. Iran denied the allegations.
Identity card
Police told the BBC that the first explosion happened around 1420 local time (0720 GMT) at a house in the Ekamai area in central Bangkok, which three Iranians were believed to have rented for a month.
Two men managed to escape the explosion that severely damaged the house, according to police, but the third man who suffered minor injuries tried to hail a taxi. When the taxi refused to stop for him, he threw at least one bomb at it. Police believe one bomb exploded under the taxi.
The third explosion happened when that man then attempted to throw another bomb at police, but missed, and ended up blowing his own legs off.
He is said to be receiving emergency treatment in hospital. Thai media said that an identity card found nearby indicated the man could be of Iranian origin.
"The police have control of the situation. It is thought that the suspect might be storing more explosives inside his house," a police spokesman was quoted by Reuters as saying.