Al-Khazin hails positive reform steps taken by Bahrain

Manama, March 20 (BNA)—Journalist and political analyst Jihad Al-Khazin hailed the positive steps undertaken by Bahrain to overcome last year's crisis, citing His Majesty the King's call for a national consensus dialogue as well as setting up Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) and other related panels, like the National Commission which handed over its report today to HM the King.

In an interview with Bahrain TV, Al-Khazin said "the problem is that the opposition does not want dialogue". "This is a wrong way," he added. "If the opposition has demands they want to negotiate, they need to take action."

Al-Khazin praised the government's serious steps on the path of dialogue and reform, commending the efforts made to carry out BICI recommendations and urging the opposition to react positively to these reforms.