BAHRAIN, Nabeel Rajab: Al Khalifa are tyrant and should leave

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Times quoted Nabeel Rajab addressing the King of Bahrain in remarks published on Twitter: "I ask you to leave as sympathy to this country and its good people. You are a despotic tyrant who is unfit to rule this land and I will cite some of the reasons.
Rajab added, addressing Hamad "You entered foreign armies and used their strength against unarmed people who are peacefully asking for freedom, dignity, and human rights – I demand you to leave”.
The head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, while diagnosing the current situation in the country told Hamad Bin Isa "You captured the capabilities and resources and the territory of the country and without having the right, you distributed them on your family and while the people are living in poverty - I demand you to leave". “You have brought all the armed forces and monsters of the world to kill, rob, humiliate, and torture the people and now your system is based on them and not on any local support - I demand you leave".
Rajab continued addressing the tyrant of Bahrain saying: "You lied to your people and you are still lying to the foreign press and you flipped over on the promises which you have made to the people – I demand you to leave."
"You are only a king in photos but you do not have your independent decisions. You mortgaged the country to regional interests while the solution was much simpler - Leave".
In a speech described as ‘strong’, the human rights activist Nabeel Rajab said to Hamad: "You have introduced to the country all the fools and troublemakers and those involved in sectarian hatred and enabled them to harm the majority of the people while you remained supporting them - leave".
“You have defied the vast majority of the people and it became difficult for them to accept you as a governor because you responded to their legitimate demands by violence and murder - I demand you to leave". "You're the only king in the world that failed to dismiss the prime minister and whom his sons took part in the torture of detainees – Leave, for the mercy of the country and its people".
Nabeel Rajab also clarified the crimes committed by Bahrain's King against the Bahraini people who was rebelling in a civilized and peaceful manner. He went on: “You have killed more than 60 martyrs and the parents do not trust you because you have killed, tortured, humiliated, pillaged, wronged, and scorned - leave, for the mercy of the country".
In conclusion, human rights activist Nabeel Rajab told Bahrain's King: "I'm not claiming to overthrow the government because I do not have weapons nor do I believe in violence. This is a diagnosis of the situation and I'm saying it here to exercise my right of expression – Leave!"