SAUDI ARABIA: 'How can we use social media for positive development and growth' asks HRH Prince Khaled Al Faisal

06 Mar 2012 Press Release
'How can we use social media for positive development and growth' asks HRH Prince Khaled Al Faisal
Jeddah: HRH Prince Khaled Al Faisal graced the second day of JEF 2012 for a session on E-Community with a conversation with 6 youths running the most prominent social development initiatives (developed and managed by Saudi Youth). 
The 6 panelists that joined Prince Khaled on stage were Mohammed Albakri (Young Initiative Group), Rayan Karkadan (McJigger Health Support), Alaa Almizyen (Istathmir), Anwaar Abulkhair (Nabta), Eng. Ammar Shawoosh (Saudi Kadir), and Mishal Al Harasani (Inventor/Entrepreneur).
HRH started the session by highlighting the commitment and continuous efforts of the King and the Crown prince in safeguarding the future of people of the Kingdom and seeking development of the country for the people.
Prince Khaled expressed his appreciation of the topic of technology as in this day and age it  is not only an interesting subject that deserves attention but because it also concerns the youth - the heart of the population.
'When addressing issues of the youth, first and foremost we care about their future and how we can work today to make their future proper. Looking at social networking and technology today has spurred a long history of development that changed the way the world communicates today.  We live in an era of social networking, of modern technology, computers, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Modern technology has changed the will change the world we live and how we interact with it. A striking element in all this is the acceptance of the Saudi population to technology, especially of the youths. This has exceeded all expectations and the figures speak for itself.'
HRH went on to explain 'As human beings, most things new we are afraid of it at first - the TV and satellite channels, journalism, mobile phones, are examples of this but we learned to live it and now are a part of our lives. This is the case with social media today and the question for us now isn't how are we going to grow comfortable with having it in our lives but - how can we take advantage of it and the get the most out of using social media. How can we use social media and technology as partners in our growth.'
'There is no doubt that this whole new medium has its pros and cons. Some youths have used social media to sit at home and criticize what they see online, while others have found a way to embrace it positively and are making a living with it.'
HRH concluded his speech with four key points for the audience to take away. The first being, to seek development partners in his pursuit of growth for the Kingdom. Secondly, HRH expressly asked the audience not to just sit back and blame others for what they read or see and instead start their own constructive initiatives - being his third point. Fourth and final point was to use technology in the service of development and growth.