Syria imposes travel ban on men under 42: reports

"Syrians between the ages of 18 and 42 are banned from travel if they don't have prior authorisation from the (army's) recruitment office," Aliqtisadi business magazine said on its Internet site.
The travel ban until now had only applied to men who had not completed their two-year compulsory military service.
Aliqtisadi said the new measure, clearly linked to the revolt gripping the country, was being applied at border posts, adding that several men had already been turned back at a border crossing with Lebanon and at the airport in Aleppo.
Syria-News, a website close to the Damascus regime, said the travel restriction was provisional and that those concerned could get a one-year permit allowing them to leave the country.
"A similar measure was implemented in the past and was then cancelled," Syria-News said.

Assad's regime has faced an unprecedented revolt since last March that activists say has left at least 9,100 people dead.
Syrian authorities have the right in the event of war or a declared state of emergency to mobilise all males between the ages of 18 and 42 who have completed their military service.