Attorney to Give Explanations about \"Salmaniya Doctors Crimes\" Case

Manama, April 24 (BNA) -- General Lower Court Attorney Ahmed Al Doseri declared regarding Salmaniya Medical Complex doctors' crimes that the attorney had already called to hear for about 300 witnesses consisting facts witnesses, victims and those affected by the crimes committed by the accused medical staff.

Al Doseri said that the court listened only to five witnesses who emphasized that the accused medical staff have occupied Salmaniya Medical Complex and controlled its premises.

He said that the witnesses retained that the medical staff also committed other crimes, mentioning that they refused to offer medical attention to some patients on sectarian bases and protesting at the hospital's premises.

The attorney said that the court listened to the defense that hold by attaching the Bahrain Independent Committee of Inquiry with the case file, which proves that accused medical staff violated ethics medical work.

Al Doseri pointed that the attorney will go deep in explaining the case facts at the pleadings and the way medical staff committed their crimes with unequivocal evidences.