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One year after the pro-democracy uprising began on February 14, protests against the ruling al-Khalifa monarchy continue across Bahrain. 
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Online reports that the Bahrain International Circuit Company has said that they have sold 28,000 tickets to today's contested Grand Prix in Manama.
If that figure holds true, that would mean that the 45,000 seat venue was at 62 per cent capacity.

Activist Ala'a Shehabi has just tweeted that she been arrested by security forces.
Shehabi, who had tweeted the arrest of the Sunday Telegraph's Colin Freeman, was with several foreign journalists when they were all detained along the Budaiya highway, says Ali Al A'ali, a Bahraini activist.


The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights has posted images online that they say is of teargas at protest sites in Sitra - an island south of Manama - and Abu Saiba and Jidhafs in the west.
Picture of Jidhafs via @SaidYousif.
Video said to show female protesters inside the Grand Prix circuit in Manama being detained.
Twitter user @SaidYousif has posted an image of what he says are the women prior to their detainment.
A picture said to show tear gas at a protest against the Bahrain Grand Prix today.
Image via twitter user @SaidYousif
The Telegraph is confirming that their reporter Colin Freeman, and his fixer, Mohammed Hassan Sudaif, were were taken to a police station in Bahrain.
"They were told they were in an area where there have been illegal demonstrations," said Alex Spillius, of the Telegraph's foreign desk.
Photos posted online are said to show some among the 10 female protesters who managed to enter the Bahrain Grand Prix circuit being led away by security forces.
There are also reports that Colin Freeman, chief foreign corespondent for The Sunday Telegraph, has been taken to a police station in Bahrain.
Freeman's fixer, Mohammed Hasan is also said to be with the reporter.

A video allegedly depicting Salah Abas Habib, the protester found dead on the eve of this afternoon's Grand Prix in Bahrain, has surfaced online.
The video, depicting a protester's abuse at the hands of Bahraini police, is said to have been shot only hours before Habib's body was found.
Watch the graphic video here.
Picture of a Bahrain vigil in Washington DC's Lafayette Park, across from the White House.
Image of Lafayette Park via twitter user @WitnessBahrain.